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Greetings and welcome! This wiki will introduce and explain to you various interesting components of computers and networks. To search for your desired topic, go to the search box on the top left of the page, go to the contents section on the top of the homepage, or simply search here just to get started:

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About this Wiki

This wiki is dedicated to explaining everything about how your computer works, we will be covering topics such as RAM, video card, CPU's etc. as well as communication and network services like the internet. This wiki was created and is managed by 4 dedicated computer technology students in order to facilitate their presentation to explain the concept of how computers work to their class. Feel free to browse around and make sure that you cite this wiki if you have copied any of the information here. Thank You!

To Mr. Hayes and other 10D students

This wiki is still under construction. Please bear with us about various glitches, such as blank articles, messy homepages, lack of creative logo, and so on so forth. To prevent spam from appearing on this wiki, several pages have been protected from editing.Please do not sign up for an account on this wiki to edit our pages. Vandalism will be reported.

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